A donation will embetter the life of an animal – and your donation will be matched so your gift will have double the impact!

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As part of our year end fundraising efforts, we have a $250,000 matching gift challenge, thanks to the generosity of two incredible people!

In May, 2018, you helped us raise $100,000 to begin repairs to our deteriorating dog kennel building. As we began planning for the first of the many repairs needed, two wonderful people stepped into our lives. Joe and Kelly Sicari are making a $500,000 donation to Pets Alive towards the dog kennel project, with a pledge for another $250,000 towards the project as a matching donation during our year-end general animal care fundraising efforts!  

The Sicaris are summer residents of Wanaksink Lake, NY, where Kelly has been a part time resident since the early 1970s. Immediately following God and country, Kelly and Joe have tremendous loyalty to family that, in their world, includes the animals that live with the family and all animals in need of compassion, care, and love. The Sicaris have recently deepened their connection to the area by making this sizable donation to Pets Alive for the dog kennel project.

This donation is a “game-changer” for us to advance our efforts to greatly improve the living conditions of our dogs awaiting adoption. Therefore, we just hired Shelter Planners of America to conduct a needs assessment to help us determine the best and most efficient way to improve the living quarters for our dogs, given our current and future needs and our new funding opportunity. Shelter Planners are national leaders in animal shelter design. We anticipate completing the assessment by late January, at which point, we’ll be able to determine the best course of action. We’ll keep you posted on progress!

Please donate now so your gift will go twice as far. Every dollar you donate through December 31 towards our general animal care fund – to help pay for pet food, medical care, enrichment, and shelter – will be doubled up to $250,000. The matching funds will be added to our dog kennel project funding.

Even the smallest of donations contributes towards their well-being. You can peruse our “Donate” page for additional information on how your donation can make a difference – and your donation will be doubled. In 2018, we celebrate 30 years of rescuing animals and your donation will help us as we move into the new year to begin the next 30 years.

And do check out our “12 Strays of Christmas“, stories about 12 animals that are available for adoption that found their way to Pets Alive as a stray, with nowhere else to go. Your donation today will help them – and so many more.

THANK YOU! Have a wonderful holiday season.