Volunteers NEEDED for our ANNUAL YARD SALE

From: "Pets Alive Volunteers" <volunteer@petsalive.com>
Subject: Volunteers NEEDED for our ANNUAL YARD SALE
Date: April 7th 2011

The Pets Alive yard sale is right around the corner, May 21st and 22nd. This year's sale is going to be the BIGGEST one yet! We need everyone's help to make this sale a success! Please email Becky at Becky@petsalive.com if you can help one day, both days, half a day so she can make sure she has enough coverage. She needs to set a schedule for an event this large. Pre Sale Help We will officially start taking new donations on April 30th. These donations need to be sorted and priced. If you are interested in helping with presale sorting and pricing please contact Becky at Becky@petsalive.com. She and Debbie can be found most Sunday's buried in the shipping container. Set-Up for the Main Event Thursday, May 19th 10am till 8pm. Friday, May 20th 10am till we are done. These two days are crucial, all donations need to be pulled out of the shipping container and displayed for the sale. The more organized and nicely we display items the better they sell! Which means the more money we will make for the animals. The Main Event Saturday, May 20th 7am - 5pm. Sunday, May 21st 7am til its all put away. Yes, folks that is right we will be starting at 7am both days so any of you early birds out there please email Becky at Becky@petsalive.com - we need to start putting signs out on the roads starting at 7am as well as last minute prep so we are ready for shoppers. Things we will need help with during the sale >>Helping Customers >>Selling >>Working the Pets Alive Table >>Raffle Table >>50/50 Tickets >>Cashiers >>Bake Sale Table >>Helping Direct Traffic >>Clothing Sales >>Media Barn Together we can reach our goal of $6,000 for the animals of Pets Alive. Thank you The Kumbaya Kitties Debbie V and Becky

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