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Our goal is to adopt our horses to people who are committed to lifetime care for the horses they adopt. The only way we can continue to help more horses is if we are able to place our horses into these types of homes.

We also understand that sometimes things happen that can disrupt the best of plans and/or intentions. So while we will be asking you to agree to return the horse to the sanctuary if circumstances occur where it becomes impossible for you to keep the horse, we also ask that you consider this next question very carefully:

* If the horse you adopt is rideable, do you agree to provide care for the horse for the rest of his/her life, even after he/she can no longer be ridden?
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* If you are approved for adoption, will this be your first horse?
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* Are you willing to have a Pets Alive Horse Committee representative do a property and facility check?
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* How often do you feel a horse should be wormed?

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* If you are interested in adopting a pasture pal, what other animals would the horse be living with?


*Will the horse live on your property?
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If no, please list the name, address and phone number of your boarding facility

If the horse is to be boarded, how often and for how long will the horse be turned out?

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* How big is the turnout area or pasture that the horse will have access to?

Please provide two references (Name and phone number), people not related to you, who can testify to your ability to provide and care for a horse.

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