Animal Adoption

We have open adoption hours seven days a week from 10am until 4 pm. On Thursday and Friday we are open for adoptions until 7:30 PM. If you have a dog intro though (meaning you already have a dog and he has to meet the new dog) then you need to come in when one of our dog trainers is on staff – between 10 and 4.

It is best if you already have an approved application so please fill one out now! This way you can come down and take your new pet right home with you, but it is not absolutely necessary (you can fill one out onsite if needed).

Our adoption coordinators are trained to help match you to a dog or cat that most suits you, your activity level or your personality traits so please be patient if we have a number of people at once. We give the same time and commitment to every single adoption!

Please be sure to bring a collar and leash WITH you, or be prepared to purchase one at Pets Alive. For the safety of your adopted pet, we would prefer that all go home with a collar and tags in case they get lost! If you are adopting a cat, please be sure to bring a cat carrier with you, or be prepared to buy one here. No cat may leave without one.

Thanks for wanting to offer a home to a rescued pet!
We spay and neuter all our animals before they go home.
There is an adoption donation requested for all animals. Cats are usually $125, dogs are usually $245, ($320 for puppies or purebreds), horses are $300. If an animal has special needs, is elderly, or has been here for over a year, we may reduce these donation requests.

We request these adoption donations to prevent people from getting “free” animals and selling them to labs or pit bull rings. It also helps to offset some of our costs.

Believe us – the adoption donations do not come CLOSE to the expense of treating, medicating, housing, feeding and providing care for these animals. It costs us $125 to spay and neuter an animal, $10 to microchip them, $30 to get them up to date on all shots, $15 to treat them for fleas/ticks, $30 to treat them for worms, and $40 to test them for heartworm and parvo (or FIV if a cat). If you did all that at the vet, your costs would be triple ours. So please understand that we are not a profit making business. The adoption donations help defray costs, but do not cover the costs of saving these lives. In addition to the medical costs we incur we have staff salaries, utilities and facility costs. We get no funding from any source other than people like you, so adoption donations are a necessity to assist us in all these expenses. We more than welcome your additional donations to help us with this life saving work.
Cat adoption application
Dog adoption application
Horse adoption application
Farm Animal (goat/pig) adoption application